Toccata Nosferatu



Toccata Nosferatu is the solo work of classically trained keyboardist Riston Denaux. Using various techniques of synthesis and sound design, Toccata Nosferatu combines elements of post-punk, electronic, and early musical style to create haunting, melodic themes generated within a dreary and atmospheric context. The focus of the lyrical ideas range from the contemplative to the mystical, invoking traditional storytelling involving love, horror, and loss. Toccata, derived from the Italian verb meaning "to touch", is a direct reference to the Baroque form, and the name Toccata Nosferatu might be thought as "The Touch of Nosferatu".



I wanted to take a moment to state my gratitude for the support that I have received over the last couple of years since the initial release of Toccata Nosferatu's Desolate Prayer. I have some new material currently in the works, and I am looking forward to booking my next live performance, especially as we begin to enter into the most blessed time of year....

2017-09-07 22:24:50 UTC

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